Little T's Square Dance Schedule

Below is our schedule for the rest of the year. Check this out for future planning. Also, take note of the themes; you may want to have a theme-related outfit for the dance. If this looks like a lot to wade through, don't worry: our home page always shows the next few upcoming dances so you don't have to look through this whole schedule each time.


Dance Schedule
Dec 15Rocking Round the Christmas TreeSteve Kopman7:00 pm$8
Jan 19Let It SnowKen Burke7:00 pm$8
Feb 16Be My ValentineKristy Williams Woods7:00 pm$8
Mar 15Luck of the IrishJet Roberts7:00 pm$8
Apr 1948th Anniversary DanceJack Pladdys7:00 pm$8
May 17Memorial DaySteve Kopman7:00 pm$8
Jun 21Boots and JeansMike Sikorsky7:00 pm$8
Jul 19Proud to be an AmericanTom Davis7:00 pm$8
Aug 16Hot Summer NightsMarty Northrup7:00 pm$8
Sep 20Go Big OrangePam Courts7:00 pm$8
Oct 18Monster MashTom Davis7:00 pm$8
Nov 15Gobble 'til You WobbleTravis Cook7:00 pm$8
Dec 20Jingle Bell RockSteve Kopman7:00 pm$8