Little T's Square Dance Schedule

Below is our schedule for the rest of the year. Check this out for future planning. Also, take note of the themes; you may want to have a theme-related outfit for the dance. If this looks like a lot to wade through, don't worry: our home page always shows the next few upcoming dances so you don't have to look through this whole schedule each time.


Dance Schedule
Sep 1Hard Times DanceRon Marion7:30 pm$6
Sep 15Big Orange FeverTed Kennedy7:30 pm$8
Sep 29Red Hot or Ice Cold?Jerry Biggerstaff7:30 pm$8
Oct 6Where Have You Been? Tshirt DanceNick Hartley7:30 pm$8
Oct 20Silly SoxJohnny Preston7:30 pm$8
Nov 3Turkey Time in TennesseeKen Ruttucci6:30 pm$8
Nov 17Honor Our Vets (Toys for Tots)Steve Kopman7:30 pm$6
Dec 1Winter's FunRon Marion7:30 pm$6
Dec 15Christmas MemoriesGary Shoemake7:30 pm$8
Dec 29Puttin' on the RitzStan Russell7:30 pm$8