How Do I Get Started?

Square dancing is a little bit like typing: at first you have to think about where each letter is on the keyboard; but with repitition, it becomes automatic. In square dancing you learn how to do each of the calls. Each week you learn new calls and have fun dancing with the calls you've already learned. Over time, doing the calls pretty much becomes automatic— like typing.

GraduatingAnd, along the way to learning the calls, you'll be having fun and making friends from the very beginning. About half-way through you will be able to go to regular dances (all the callers know what you've learned so far and use just those calls).

When Can I Start?

Little T Squares starts-out new beginners in September of each year. Sessions are at 7:00 pm on Tuesday evenings at the Memorial Building in Lenoir City (click on Location for directions).

You won't be alone at these sessions. We typically have a couple dozen people or more wanting to learn to square dance. To help everyone learn quicker, we have "angels" —experienced dancers who dance in the squares with the new people so everything goes smoother. This is also a great way to meet some of the other Little T Square members.